General Knowledge

GK Test

1. Jenson Button is related to which of the following sports?
  • (a) Horse Racing
  • (b) Formula One Racing
  • (c) Chess
  • (d) Golf
2. "South Talpatti Island" has been a disputed territory between which of the following neighbours?
  • (a) India Myanmar
  • (b) India Bangladesh
  • (c) India Pakistan
  • (d) Bangladesh Myanmar
3. Who is the author of the book '2 states'?
  • (a) Aaravinda Adiga
  • (b) Chetan Bhagat
  • (c) Vikram Seth
  • (d) None of the above
4. Recently HD 209458b was in news. What is this HD 209458b exactly?
  • (a) A Virus recently attacked the networks worldwide
  • (b) Formula One Racing
  • (c) Chess
  • (d) Golf
5. Which element is used for the x-ray of elementary canal?
  • (a) Iodine
  • (b) Barium
  • (c) Potassium Permanganate
  • (d) None of the above
6. What is the unit of heredity?
  • (a) Gene
  • (b) RNA
  • (c) DNA
  • (d) Chromosome
7. Who announced the Industrial Policy of 1956?
  • (a) Sardar Patel
  • (b) Jawaharlal Nehru
  • (c) Balwant Rai Mehta
  • (d) None of the above
8. Man by nature is a Political Animal" who said this?
  • (a) Plato
  • (b) Aristotle
  • (c) Hobbes
  • (d) Sigmund Freud
9. As we know that RBI has discontinued the printing and circulation of Re.1, Rs.2, Rs.5 banknotes. Which among the following is a main reason behind this?
  • (a) Short life of these notes
  • (b) Short value of these notes
  • (c) Short volume of these notes in circulation
  • (d) High volume of these notes in circulation
10. To avail the benefits under the 'mahila sammriddhi Yojna' a women has to open an account with which of the following?
  • (a) Rural Cooperative bank
  • (b) Rural Post Office
  • (c) Commercial bank
  • (d) Private Bank
11. Which among the following is the first multipurpose river valley project of independent India?
  • (a) Damodar Valley Project
  • (b) Sutlej Valley Project
  • (c) Bhakhra Nagal Project
  • (d) Indira Gandhi Canal Project
12. "Kalyanamasthu" is a programme conducted by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). This programme is related to which of the following?
  • (a) Mass worshipping of the deity
  • (b) Mass marriages
  • (c) Rituals related to some samskars of the children
  • (d) Rathyatra
13. During India's First War of independence (1857-58), Begum Hazrat Mahal led the revolt from which of the following places?
  • (a) Benaras
  • (b) Kanpur
  • (c) Lucknow
  • (d) Jhansi
14. Which among the following statements is not correct?
  • (a) Kalinga Award is a Peace award conferred annually by UNESCO
  • (b) Orange Prize is a Unique prize given to women only for Fiction writings
  • (c) Sidney Peace prize is the only peace prize of Australia
  • (d) World Food Prize was created in 1986 by Norman Borlaug
15. 180 degree longitude is also known as _ ___?
  • (a) Arctic Circle
  • (b) International Date Line
  • (c) The Great Circle
  • (d) The Equator
16. Bharti Wal-Mart Pvt Ltd, the joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and retail giant Wal-Mart, opened its first store in Amritsar recently . What kind of store is it?
  • (a) Cash and Carry (Whole sale)
  • (b) Retail
  • (c) Visual merchandising
  • (d) None of the above
17. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are related to which of the following cartoon characters?
  • (a) Spiderman
  • (b) Phantom
  • (c) Tom & Jerry
  • (d) Mandrake the Magician
18. Which among the following UNESCO acclaimed heritage site is related to Chhaiyaa, Chhaiyaa song?
  • (a) Ferry Queen
  • (b) Nilgiris Mountain Railway
  • (c) Kalka Shimla Railway
  • (d) Palace on Wheels
19. Which are the planets which have no satellites?
  • (a) Venus & Mercury
  • (b) Uranus & Venus
  • (c) Mercury & Saturn
  • (d) None of the above
20. Mantle is a 2900 km layer (largest among earth layers). It is made up of what kinds of rocks?
  • (a) Silicate rocks
  • (b) Granite rocks
  • (c) Basalt rocks
  • (d) Slate and coal
21. The concept Lokpal / Lokayukta Office in India is based upon which of the following?
  • (a) Parliamentary Commissioner in UK
  • (b) Ombudsman in Scandinavia
  • (c) Council of State in France
  • (d) None of the above
22. Citizens of India lost their Right to property from Fundamental Rights through which of the following amendments?
  • (a) 73rd
  • (b) 23rd
  • (c) 44th
  • (d) 41st
23. Which of the following Vitamins is essential for the formation of collagen?
  • (a)Vitamin A
  • (b) Vitamin C
  • (c) Vitamin D
  • (d) Vitamin B
24. Which among of the following states became India's 1st carbon Free State?
  • (a) Himachal Pradesh
  • (b) Uttarakhand
  • (c) Pondicherry
  • (d) Andaman Nicobar
25. Ryder Cup is associated with which of the following games?
  • (a) Tennis
  • (b) Rugby
  • (c) Golf
  • (d) Polo
26. What is "Makemake"?
  • (a) A new telescope that will replace the Hubble telescope in 2015
  • (b) A dwarf planet
  • (c) The newest planet discovered in the nearest Soalr system
  • (d) Only moon of Venus
27. Who became the first female minister of Iran (Health Minister) in the Islamic Republic's 30 Yrs History ?
  • (a) Marzieh Dastjerdi
  • (b) Mahnaz Afkhami
  • (c) Mahnaz Afkhami
  • (d) Zahra Eshraghi
28. Who among of the following Presidents is the oldest & youngest President of United States?
  • (a) Ronald Regan & Theodore Roosevelt
  • (b) Ronald Reagan & John F Kennedy
  • (c) Franklin Roosevelt & Barak Obama
  • (d) Franklin Roosevelt & John F Kennedy
29. Slumdog Millionaire is the based on the novel Q and A which is written by Indian author and diplomat:
  • (a) Shashi Tharoor
  • (b) Kamaldesh Sharma
  • (c) Dipankar Banerjee
  • (d) Vikas Swarup
30. Which among of the following countries approved a law to allow voting by mobile Phone?
  • (a) Switzerland
  • (b) Sweden
  • (c) Finland
  • (d) Estonia
31. India's largest lender SBI launched its first Currency Administration Branch (CAB), an exclusive branch to handle currency notes, at which of the following places?
  • (a) Kolkata
  • (b) Mumbai
  • (c) Lucknow
  • (d) New Delhi
32. Laws of Heredity was given by?
  • (a) John Dalton
  • (b) Charles Darwin
  • (c) Gregor Mendel
  • (d) Karl Pearson
33. This very popular language was renamed "Java" in 1995. So what was Java initially known as?
  • (a) Arka
  • (b) Pine
  • (c) Dandelion
  • (d) Oak
34. Who first coined the "Industrial Revolution "?
  • (a) James Buckner
  • (b) Lenin
  • (c) Arnold Tonybee
  • (d) Lincoln
35. Which among of the following countries have developed the war weapon 'BigDog' billed as "The Most advanced quadruped robot on Earth":
  • (a) United States
  • (b) France
  • (c) Russia
  • (d) Germany
36. Name of the First Missile boat Built In India?
  • (a) Sagardhwani
  • (b) Prabal
  • (c) Nashak
  • (d) Jalashv
37. Where is India's first super computer developed and what is its name?
  • (a) PARAM, Pune
  • (b) EKA, Pune
  • (c) Kabru, Hyderabad
  • (d) ANUPAM, Mumbai
38. The antibiotic penicillin is obtained from:
  • (A)a bacterium
  • (B) fungus
  • (C)synthetic means
  • (D)virus-infected cells
39. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Which books/document describes as Most Translated Document in the world?
  • (a) Holy Bible
  • (b) Bhagvad Gita
  • (c) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
  • (d) "Harry Potter" books
40. Scientist at the National Ignition Facility ( NIF ) are attempting to create an artificial Sun on Earth an achievement that will provide answer to the world's impending energy shortage. NIF is located at:
  • (a) New York
  • (b) London
  • (c) Switzerland
  • (d) Paris
41. In which period of the Indian History, the number zero as well as decimal system were invented?
  • (a) Gupta
  • (b) Mauryas
  • (c) Chola
  • (d) Pandyan
42. Which of the following companies launched its motorbike called 'FZ-S' in India?
  • (a) Hondo Motors
  • (b) Suzuki
  • (c) Yamaha Motors
  • (d) Harley Davidson
43. Which of the following dates has been declared as the Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Day?
  • (a) 20th August
  • (b) 22nd August
  • (c) 18th August
  • (d) 16th August
44. At present India has 22 atomic power reactors. How many atomic power reactors were designated for civilian programme?
  • (a)12
  • (b) 14
  • (c)16
  • (d) 18
45. Who among of the following scientists is the inventor of first integrated circuit, the basic building block of everything from 3G cell phones to supercomputers?
  • (a) Jack Kilby
  • (b) Zhores Ivanovich Alferov
  • (c) Herbert Kroemer
  • (d) David J. Gross
46. Which among of the following states has been chosen for E- Bharat Programme Funded by World Bank?
  • (a) Tamil Nadu
  • (b)Andhra Pradesh
  • (c) Kerala
  • (d) Karnataka
47. Who is the author of the book "The Audacity of Hope"?
  • (a) Al Gore
  • (b) Barack Obama
  • (c) Bill Clinton
  • (d) Hillary Clinton
48. In the context of Indian news in recent times. what is MCX-SX ?
  • (a) A kind of supercomputer
  • (b) Title of Moon Impact Probe
  • (c) Stock exchange
  • (d) Nuclear-powered submarine
49. Elephant Pass, which is frequently in the news, is mentioned in the context of the affairs of which one of the following ?
  • (a) Bangladesh
  • (b) India
  • (c) Nepal
  • (d) Sri Lanka
50. In the structure of planet Earth, below the mantle, the core is mainly made up of which one of the following?
  • (a) Aluminium
  • (b) Chromium
  • (c) Iron
  • (d) Silicon
51. Which of the following soap brands and companies that own it is NOT matched correctly?
  • (a) Lux - Hindustan Unilever
  • (b) Dove - Proctor and Gamble
  • (c) Vivel – ITC
  • (d) Santoor – Wipro
52. Which of the following companies is the nodal agency for the development of the Tactical Communication System (TCS) for the armed forces?
  • (a) Bharat Electronics
  • (b) MIDHANI
  • (c) ITI
  • (d) Intex
53. Daniel Radcliffe, who became world's richest teenager, is a well known?
  • (a) Author
  • (b) Actor
  • (c) Soccer Player
  • (d) Musician
54. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputed is the arm of which of the following organization?
  • (a) World Trade Organization
  • (b) World Bank
  • (c) International Monetary Fund
  • (d) International Court of Justice
55. Which of the following (organizations- year of establishment) is NOT matched?
  • (a) Reserve Bank of India – 1935
  • (b) Bombay Stock Exchange – 1979
  • (c) National Stock Exchange – 1992
  • (d) SEBI – 1992
56. Operation Desert storm is:
  • (a) a mission to promote awareness about AIDS
  • (b) The Gulf War
  • (c) a mission to promote awareness about forest conservation
  • (d) a mission to promote awareness about wildlife conservation
57. Bingo is a snacks brand of which of the following companies?
  • (a) Proctor and Gamble
  • (b) Godrej Agro
  • (c) ITC Foods
  • (d) Priya Foods
58. SCOPE is an umbrella organization of
  • (a) Steel firms
  • (b) Shipping Lines
  • (c) PSUs
  • (d) Share brokers
59. Which of the following telecom companies is the largest one worldwide in terms of number of subscribers?
  • (a) China Mobile
  • (b) Vodafone
  • (c) AT&T
  • (d) AirTel
60. Amitabh Bachhan does not endorse which of the following brands?
  • (a) Binani Cement
  • (b) Eveready
  • (c) Asian Paints
  • (d) Cadbury Dairy Milk
61. The Tata Group opened its first hotel in South Africa in December 09. It is in which of the following cities?
  • (a) Johannesburg
  • (b) Pretoria
  • (c) Cape Town
  • (d) Durban
62. Which of the following state governments launched Nivesh Mitra- a web-interface single window facility for entrepreneurs willing to set up industry in the state?
  • (a) Bihar
  • (b) Uttar Pradesh
  • (c) Madhya Pradesh
  • (d) Rajasthan
63. Food and beverage maker Strauss Group belongs to which of the following nations?
  • (a) Italy
  • (b) Turkey
  • (c) Israel
  • (d) Bulgaria
64. Which of the following companies is planning to launch Volt, its first electric car in India, by 2010?
  • (a) Toyota
  • (b) General Motors
  • (c) Ford Motors
  • (d) Skoda
65. Who among the following persons and companies they head is not matched correctly?
  • (a) Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway
  • (b) Bernard Arnault – General Motors
  • (c) Steve Ballmer – Microsoft
  • (d) Eric Schmidt – Google
66. DuPont, one of the world's top five seed companies recently acquired Nandi Seeds and the cotton germplasm business of Nagarjuna Seeds. DuPont belongs to which of the following countries?
  • (a) Australia
  • (b) USA
  • (c) Germany
  • (d) Poland
67. Which of the following companies is building India's longest gas pipeline from Jagdishpur in Uttar Pradesh to Haldia in West Bengal at a cost of Rs. 7,600 crore?
  • (a) Indian Oil
  • (b) GAIL
  • (c) RasGas
  • (d) IGPL
68. Which of the following companies has unveiled its new tagline 'Your Success is Our Focus.'?
  • (a) HCL Tech
  • (b) Hexaware
  • (c) Agilent
  • (d) Polaris
69. Which Indian company has acquired General Chemical Industrial Products Inc. of USA in 2008?
  • (A)Tata Chemicals
  • (B)Mody Chemical Industries
  • (C)Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd
  • (D)Hindustan Chemicals.
70. Which of the following telecom firms has joined hand with Richard Branson's Virgin Mobile who works on mobile virtual network model (MVNO) to launch Virgin in India for marketing and branding CDMA services?
  • (a) BSNL
  • (b) Vodafone
  • (c) Bharti Airtel
  • (d) Tata Teleservices
71. Name of this company originates from a brute race mentioned in Jonathon Swift's 'Gulliver's travel'.
  • (a) Walla
  • (b) HotBot
  • (c) Yahoo
  • (d) Koders
72. Who were the founders of the company Hewlett Packard (HP)?
  • (a)Dave Hewlett and Bill Packard
  • (b)Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard
  • (c)Jack Hewlett and Edwards Packard
  • (d)Edwards Hewlett and Jack Packard
73. is a new search engine being promoted by which of the following companies?
  • (a) Microsoft
  • (b) Yahoo
  • (c) Lycos
  • (d) Rediff
74. Which of the following companies has made its foray into branded cold drink market with the launch of T!ON?
  • (a) ITC Foods
  • (b) Britannia
  • (c) Parle Agro
  • (d) Tata Tea
75. The fortune range of refined edible oils belongs to which of the following companies?
  • (a) NDDB
  • (b) Adani Wilmar
  • (c) Cargill Foods
  • (d) Marico
76. Which of the following companies has the world's largest refining capacity?
  • (a) Exxon Mobil
  • (b) Sinopec
  • (c) Yukos
  • (d) Petro China
77. Who is the Leading Oriya novelist and academician who has been named for Jnanpith award for the year 2011
  • (a) Shobha Dey
  • (b) Shakuntala Devi
  • (c) Pratibha Ray
  • (d) Gulab Kothari
78. As per the Planning Comission data which is the fastest growing state in India for the duration 2006 -2010?
  • (a) Bihar
  • (b) Gujarat
  • (c) Chhattisgarh
  • (d) Maharashtra
79. N Joseph Woodland died on Dec 2012. He along with Bernard Silver was the co inventor of which of the following?
  • (a) ATM Machine
  • (b) Bar code
  • (c) Touch Screen
  • (d) Black Berry.
80. Who is the chairman of fourteenth finance commission?
  • (a) Y V Reddy
  • (b) P Chidambaram
  • (c) Yashvant Sinha
  • (d) Montek Singh Ahluwalia


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